Artificial Intelligence Enhances Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital Marketing used to be a hard nut to crack a decade ago. With Google constantly rolling out updates and digital marketers guessing what’s the next move of the search engine giant will be, things were pretty hectic. Today, everything has been streamlined and there are AI tools that can help you a lot in your daily routine. All you need is a smart mind handling the tools and you will be good to go. This is why most tech companies are investing in tools and getting smart teams on board to automate the processes easily.

Many business organizations are steadily discovering solutions to keep their sales engines running smoothly around the clock. During these pursuits these companies are utilizing fused digital marketing methodologies in order to lead the industry. Nearly all digital marketing experts are well aware of the fact that online marketing has advanced in many forms. Businesses are using it in many different ways and the collection of data is of paramount importance these days. 

This gives rise to data collection and machine learning that becomes essential in adding value and making Artificial Intelligence possible. Artificial intelligence is also used in executing perfect Digital Marketing campaigns. Finding the right customers and showing them the right ads is something the AI Digital Marketing specialises in. Especially in Dubai, this technology is taking everyone by storm. Many business organizations are looking for artificial intelligence services in the UAE. The technology is also being used in chatbots that offer great customer service to customers 24/7.

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Marketers are quickly understanding the benefits of AI, and according to Forbes, 84% of marketing companies were either executing or extending their use of AI and machine learning in 2018. Artificial intelligence in UAE is not a new concept for many businesses operating there. The market is wide and its dimensions are immense. Millions of people travel to Dubai each year for tourism and shopping. They want to contact hotels for booking and during the peak hours, the phone lines are usually busy. Experts believe if hotels were to employ AI chatbot technology, they can miss less customers and automate their booking process.

In essence there are two major methods online businesses can utilize Artificial Intelligence to enhance their digital marketing efforts.The first is on the backend. Here marketers can use AI to predict the product demand and conduct programmatic ad buying along with developing customer profiles, and so on. The second method involves the customer-confronting side and here marketers use AI technology to better customer experience, and translating traffic into leads and subsequently, sales. According to reports, 75% of companies that have been utilizing AI and machine learning reported that the practice improved consumer satisfaction by 10% give or take.

Digital marketing experts see the AI era adding a wide array of tools based on enhancing marketing automation. These tools only perform efficiently if used by qualified and professional marketing minds. If you are new to this game you can benefit from the services of an AI powered digital marketing agency such as Bester Capital Media. These companies can point you in the right direction and customize your tools for easy usage. Remember, whenever you are in a fix, it is always better that you seek professional help. 

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