The Medical Marijuana certification process refers to the steps you need to take to become legally certified to consume, purchase and possess Medical Marijuana. The certification process also includes the steps for medical professionals, pharmacists, and dispensary owners interested in owning a Medical Marijuana dispensary. All the states that have legalized Medical Marijuana have established procedures to help manage and monitor the use of Marijuana, to ensure that it is consumed safely. The certification process also allows the state to determine the number of patients enrolled for Medical Marijuana Naples treatment and the physicians processing these patients. The process for Medical Marijuana dispensaries does not involve approval of the urban and development sector, amongst other requirements.

Medical Marijuana is a regulated service, and you need to ensure that you know about the new rules as they are implemented. As the number of Medical Marijuana users is increasing in Florida, new rules and guidelines are being introduced to ensure the entire process is efficiently monitored. If you want to get information about the different Medical Marijuana laws, you should contact the experts at My Florida Green. The experienced consultant of My Florida Green is helping new patients with their Medical Marijuana Card certification within a few weeks.

Only a state-licensed physician can initiate the process of patient certification for Marijuana user. The patients must possess a certificate to consume, possess and buy Medical Marijuana. If you are looking to start the certification process, My Florida Green has licensed medical doctors who have experience in the certification process for persons desiring to receive Medical Marijuana treatment.

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If you desire to receive Marijuana treatment, you need to check if you qualify for adding Medical Marijuana in your treatment. Some of the qualifying conditions approved for Medical Marijuana treatment include cancer, multiple sclerosis, PSTD, and other serious illnesses. You can receive Marijuana certification if you are suffering from a disease similar to an illness on the qualifying list, however, you need an experienced medical professional to access your health requirements and verify for Marijuana use.

Only licensed physicians like those in My Florida Green can recommend you for a Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota. The assessment of your health condition is the first step in the process; when you go to speak with any of the physicians in My Florida Green, ensure to explain your pain points, symptoms, and complete medical history. If you have had the condition for a while, it is good that you let the physician know the medications you have had in the past, the side effects it caused, and any significant improvement you experienced. After a comprehensive evaluation, if the -physicians think Medical Marijuana will help you, they will recommend you for Marijuana treatment. They will complete an online form, which you will have to complete before the certification process is complete. You will also need to give some identification documents to prove your identity and Florida residency. The experts at My Florida Green can assist you in the certification process, making it stress-free.


Only licensed medical doctors are permitted to recommend and apply for patients’ certification for Medical Marijuana treatment. In all states that have legalized Medical Marijuana, they have positioned physicians as the gatekeepers to ensure only qualified patients get the Medical Marijuana certificate; this is why only medical practitioners like those in My Florida Green can handle the process for patients. The first requirement for a physician is to possess a medical license. The physician must be registered with the Department of Consumer Protection and maintain an active-controlled substance certificate that is not subject to limitation. The physician must be registered with the Medical Marijuana prescription monitoring program. An essential requirement for a physician to be certified in this process is patient engagement level. Physicians must have a dynamic relationship with their patients. They remain responsible for the patient’s qualification, prescription, and monitoring of the patient throughout treatment. The responsibility to ensure patients understand the treatment, the associated risks, and examination requirements rest on the physician.

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It’s very important that you take Medical Marijuana under the guidance of an experienced physician. If you do not know how to contact a state-licensed Marijuana physician, contact My Florida Green today and get started on your certification process.


Medical Marijuana dispensaries have requirements that need to be fulfilled before it can be set up. Asides from the building requirements and location approval, businesses must show proof of financial stability before opening a Marijuana dispensary. Also, the dispensaries should have either Pharmacists or Pharmacy technicians as the attendants of patients needing Marijuana products. They will ensure the patients have the required certificate to buy Marijuana products. They must ask specific questions to understand the physician’s requirements, even if the patient has a recommendation to ensure it is used safely.

Contact My Florida Green offers the most reliable Marijuana Service

Experts at My Florida Green pride themselves on empowering patients by providing relevant knowledge, latest research and giving them access to the most experienced Marijuana physicians. The physicians at My Florida Green will recommend a dose after careful evaluation and examination, so you will purchase the product containing the required component most suited for your treatment. Throughout your treatment journey, the physicians will guide you until you significantly improve your medical condition. If you are in Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, and Melbourne, call or visit a My Florida Green center.